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What is Excess Electronic?
A: Excess Electronic is a platform that connects buyers to sellers with new and unused excess electronic components.
1. Businesses can upload new excess stock, which caused by designs changed, orders are canceled, demand drops and technology moves on at Active Transactions.
2. Bidders can join the bidding.
3. Businesses can post the urgent requirement of electronic components at Shortage Requirements. Excess Electronic helps customers to keep their production running by matching the electronic components you urgent need from our extensive networks of global partners. Providing you short lead time and eliminating the shortage concerns. We simply facilitate a transaction using our easy-to-use platform. With the Excess Electronic platform, businesses can reduce excess inventory, operating costs and free up valuable space. While buyers can save money and find parts that are becoming obsolete or scarce. Together, these benefits enable businesses of any size to improve their own bottom line while contributing to the welfare of the environment by promoting sustainable business practices.
What is sold on Excess Electronic platform ?
A: Only new and original excess electronic components are sold on Excess Electronic platform.
Is it a fee to register as a member of Excess Electronic platform?
A: No, it is free.
Do you need to register as a member to upload excess electronic components or urgent requirement of shortage parts?
A: No, you can upload the excess inventory list or urgent requirement of shortage parts list directly. However, the uploaded historical information can be viewed in the background only after you become a member.
How to sell your excess inventory of electronic component parts?
A: Download the form at Active Transactions. You can upload a list of excess inventory on Excess Electronic platform . You can also send an email to us at .
How to join a bid?
A: You can submit your bids on the items that interest you at Active Transactions or send emails to . One of our account managers will collect your bids and notify you if you are the winner. The bidder stands by any offers you make, as if you win the bid, you must proceed. Any incomplete payments will be recorded in your account history and your standing on Excess Electronic may be impacted.
How to post the shortage requirements of electronic components?
A: Download the form at Shortage Requirements. You can post your list of the requirement of electronic components on Excess Electronic platform or send emails to . We will utilize our extensive networks of global partners to find the parts you are looking for.
How does Excess Electronic work?
A: 1.  A seller posts their excess inventory on Excess Electronic platform at no cost. 
   2. The potential buyers see a part that they are interested in, they can either submit their bid directly through the site or simply email us at
   3. Excess Electronic will collect the bids and submit the highest bid to the seller
   4. Seller agrees the price, provide the photos and confirms the qty of parts.
   5. The winner will be notified and sends a PO. to Excess Electronic. We issue a PI. and the winner pays the payment.
   6. Excess Electronic issues a PO. to the seller, seller issues a PI.. We send the payment and handle the logistics. 
   7. Seller ships the goods to us.
   8. Excess Electronic inspects the goods.
   9. The goods are delivered to the winner.
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